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How to plot a drawing to scale

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AutoCAD, it ought to be quite simple to plot it to a known scale but actually, it can be quite complicated for the AutoCAD beginner.Begin by opening the drawing file in AutoCAD. Initially, you will see the drawing displayed in Model Space; this is the default environment for drafting but not for plotting. Before proceeding, … Read more

Duties of the Professions In a construction project from the inception to the completion of the project We can divide this project in different sections as   Inception Briefing Feasibility Briefing Outline Proposals Sketch plans Scheme Design Sketch plans Detail Design Working drawings Production information Site operations Bills of Quantities Site operations Tender Action Site … Read more

preliminaries and overhead costs

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  preliminaries and overhead costs  As well as the cost of the actual work being undertaken, there will be other costs incurred when managing a major works contract. These costs relate to the on site supervision, contractors overheads and the general management of the contract. These costs are charged back to leaseholders under two headings, … Read more

Effective factors for unit rate

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Effective factors for unit rate   Concrete Work Whether ready mixed or site mixed concrete is used Whether concrete is reinforced Surcharges for part loads Location of mixing plant on site Type and size of mixing plant Height of building Setting out time  of concrete Unloading  & storing labour hours Method of transporting, hoisting, placing … Read more

  Sources and nature of information required for tender pricing Drawings Specifications Schedules technical reports Bills of quantities Previous Experience Suppliers Quotations Sub-Contractors Quotation Construction experts Site visits The Construction Information is an expert knowledge tool that delivers key technical information on how rates can be calculated efficiently to all construction projects. The degree of … Read more

Factors affecting tender pricing

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Construction cost” is a broad phrase or term and can be taken to mean cost of any sort to anyone associated with construction work., contractor costs are your expenditure on labour, materials and plant. The client’s cost of land, consultant fees and so on. The   base   cost   of   construction   therefore   contains   of   expenditure   on   materials,   … Read more

Tender pricing process

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Tender is shown what are responsibilities  are have for two or three parties in construction industry. for  involvement in this work parties want to sign the agreement. who the one take all responsibilities for give proper goods and services, they want know what are the work we need to do?, what are duration we need … Read more

Tendering Pre contract

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Tendering Definition of tendering Tendering is way of selecting the proper contractor to carryout major works of client work/project. In tender documentation client/consultant sending setting out drawings and bill of quantities or specifications to contractor to state they prices for the all items in bill of quantity. The contractor states the rates and other considerations … Read more

FIDIC forms of contract Pre-contract

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FIDIC forms of contract FIDIC is short for the “Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs – Conseils” (International Federation of Consulting Engineers). It is an international federation of associations of consulting engineers representing the profession in their respective countries. FIDIC’s Contracts Committee is responsible for producing the most commonly used standard forms of contract for international construction projects. … Read more

What are the main standard form contracts? Professional institutions and trade and umbrella bodies produce their own standard form construction and engineering contracts. Although it is not a requirement that parties procuring a project must choose a standard form contract, it is common practice (except perhaps on the most complex and bespoke of projects) for … Read more